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A Global Presence
With projects on 5 continents and 11 states, Vanquish Worldwide is an experienced international services provider.
As a Best in Business honoree, Vanquish Worldwide, Inc. has demonstrated strong business results and high standards for quality, which point to a well-managed operation. Its performance exemplifies the type of organization with which FedEx Ground is proud to do business.

Sean O’Connor, Vice President Contractor Relations
I am hoping Vanquish will bid on the upcoming contract because your service is EXCELLENT and you have met all of the conditions of our current contract.

Kathy Weiss, Purchasing Specialist, Department of Homeland Security
I want to thank Vanquish Worldwide LLC for the excellent service you have been providing. Our business is driven by excellent customer service, on-time pick up and deliveries, and clear communication. Thanks again for making this a great partnership for both of our companies.

Dennis Kaliszewski, Sales Representative, C.H. Robinson
I wanted to thank Vanquish Personnel for all of the hard work and extra effort they put forth to help maintain Area-X. I especially want to thank your guys for clearing out hut #26 in such a timely manner to allow TLA folks to move in ahead of schedule.
Simon L. Martinez Jr., RCSB Manager, Res Comp Spt Br Hut 26, Schofield Bks
You guys have not missed a beat throughout the contract switch and changing of the hands, we appreciate the continued success that we see in VW Inc. Thanks so much!
Rebecca Worthen, P & D Manager

Overall Vanquish is doing OUTSTANDING. They took over and have maintained the high standards required by the Marines/ War Fighter at 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing ( 2D MAW)
Ignatius Hickman, Contracting Officer, 2ND MAW, MCAS Beaufort/MCAS Cherry Point/MCAS New River
Very good understanding of the requirement for mobilization/ demobilization of the Reserve Component (RC) Soldiers and the importance of the services provided under it.
Lois Eget-Lau, Contracting Officer, Regional Contracting Office Hawaii-CDO
Vanquish started the contract with a speedy mobilization and followed through with outstanding support from Management. Having the Vanquish’s President personally ensure that all our needs and expectations were met was very reassuring.
William Bartle, Site Manager, DynCorp International, Basrah, Iraq
Team Vanquish,
Great pickup by your crew today; there was efficiency and professionalism with everything we threw at them.
CPT Eric W. Olson, Crew Chief, DET 7, U.S. Army
We really enjoy working with your team and will continue to do our best to get you the best loads. Thanks again for the great job!
Miguel Beltran, Sales/Logistics, Johnansen Transportation Service
Vanquish Worldwide
2014 Large Business of the Year

Eric W. Barton
2014 Philanthropist of the Year

Eric W. Barton
2014 Humanitarian of the Year

Veterans Innovator Award

Eric W. Barton
2015 Young Entrepreneur Award

Green Achiever Award

Why Vanquish Worldwide?

  • Verified SDVOSB
  • 3rd Party Audited Financials
  • Debt Free Since Inception
  • Robust Policies & Procedures
  • Operates in 5 Continents, 11 States
  • Our Core Values

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