Information Technology

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Vanquish Worldwide provides an IT support team who design, install, integrate and maintain communication and computer network systems throughout the US and internationally. Our knowledgeable team delivers quality communication and data support services in support of DoD and US Government contracts by setting up, configuring, and maintaining all IT services for mobile crews traveling throughout international countries and on-base military personnel in the US.

Vanquish Worldwide is solely responsible for ensuring all equipment and satellite connections are in full working order to manage mission-critical contracts in Afghanistan. Through our superior IT support, we are able to track trucking assets and communicate with drivers 24/7 as well as establish remote service locations with dedicated IT support for VSAT, VOIP, and GDMS. At our project locations throughout the world, our IT support team setup all connectivity equipment and hard wire tactical operation centers to eliminate power or signal issues. We maintain dedicated VSAT networks with ever-growing upload and download capacity. Our IT technical experts, who are Microsoft and Cisco certified, provide 24/7 on call help for all users to ensure operations run smoothly day and night. Vanquish Worldwide has a large group of dedicated personnel who possess the skills and expertise to assist with satellite, microwave, switching, wireless, IT and infrastructure engineering and integration throughout the world.

In support of our stateside projects, Vanquish Worldwide team members plan, install, integrate, operate and maintain multi-function/multi-use information processing systems, peripherals, & associated devices for workstations requiring Local Area Network (LAN) connectivity and domain access. We provide Interface with Installation Management Command (IMCOM) network specialists to implement information system security requirements, physical connectivity requirements and required specific updates. Our experienced IT teams perform custom hardware and software installations and troubleshooting as well as administer & maintain Oracle DB2 and other databases. We provide experienced IT personnel who manage on-base communication systems (phone, fax, video conference) and setup and deliver 24/7 help desk support. Vanquish Worldwide’s IT support services offer strategic results intended to meet our government and commercial clients needs throughout the variety of service industries we specialize.

Services and Capabilities
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Communication and Data Support
  • Equipment and Satellite Connections
  • Information System Security
  • Physical Connectivity
  • Custom Hardware and Software Connections
  • Dedicated VSAT Networks
  • On-base Communication Management
  • Infrastructure Engineering and Integration
  • IT Services for Mobile Crews
  • Microsoft and Cisco Certified
  • IMCOM Network Specialists
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