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Vanquish Worldwide manpower services has specialized in providing  low-cost, efficient and diverse workforce from Uganda, Afghanistan, Iraq, Romania, Macedonia, the Philippines, and other locations. We have a comprehensive database that is updated regularly with profiles of experienced workers in both skilled and semi-skilled industries. We serve all industry verticals including Medical, Aviation, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Mining, Information Technology, and more.

With our extensive network and reputation as the premier provider of experienced workers, Vanquish Worldwide is able to provide our clients with the best talents available. All of our workers have a command of the English language, and quite often several other languages. We differ from our competitors in that we partner with local companies to ensure the integrity of our processes in vetting, medical screening, and qualifying based on the client’s needs. Our local networks save us significant costs and time because our established vetting procedures limit the amount of traveling, interviewing, and logistics usually required – and the savings goes to our clients.

Our manpower services support local development of social and economic progress while meeting the required human resource needs.

Local knowledge, experience, and flexibility combined with highly experienced management provide competent/proficient manpower in wide ranging work environments.

Vanquish Worldwide’s management teams are highly trained with decades of experience in the regions in which they work ensuring all local national manpower services comply with local and national regulations as well as strictly adhere to all applicable Coalition Authority directives. Local knowledge and experience, combined with extensive relationships with local businesses and other assets provide Vanquish with the ability to keep current with the often rapidly changing socio-political climate in regions around the world.

Services and Capabilities
    • Medical
    • Aviation
    • Hospitality
    • Manufacturing
    • Healthcare
    • Mining
    • Information Technology
    • Local Knowledge, Experience, and Flexibility
    • Extensive Relationships with Local Businesses
    • Premier Provider of Experienced Workers
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