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Vanquish Worldwide has provided a flexible and extensive range of security services to meet our clients needs in any environment or scale.

Many organizations see security as a significant burden and cost; however our philosophy is that security should be seen as an enabler that allows clients to continue their normal operations in a safe manner in an increasingly uncertain security environment.

Vanquish Worldwide always seeks to fully understand its clients own ethos so as to provide the appropriate security for their individual needs, rather than a one size fits all approach. In particular we work with a large number of government agencies and have an excellent understanding of their particular needs.

As a company integrating American management with local national security professionals, we have a full understanding of both the political and security environment in those places we operate. We believe in a team building approach that seeks to build a professional relationship of mutual respect and trust with our clients.

Vanquish Worldwide offers a unique combination of:
    • Blended Afghanistan and Western leadership
    • Unique insider understanding of Afghanistan
    • Ability to operate as part of the Afghan environment
    • Strong tribal relationships
    • Strong ties to the democratic government
    • Effective recruitment and screening process
    • Battle hardened personnel
    • Proactive approach to securing sites and personnel
Services and Capabilities
    • Security Consulting
    • Acquisition and Movement of Goods and People
    • Large Government Agencies
    • American Management integration with Local National Security Professionals
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