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Vanquish Worldwide provides security in support of the movement of transportation convoys throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. Vanquish Worldwide maintains this service with minimum notice required, day and night.

Our convoy security teams provide the highest level of protection to our clients by utilizing highly trained and qualified professional security operators and managers, high standards of equipment, solid training and evaluating procedures, years of experience, and a solid support network. Vanquish continues to meet and exceed the standards and requirements expected by our clients.

Our convoy escort teams’ knowledge of optimal routes quickens delivery and return ensuring efficiencies in your supply chain. In addition to expert personnel and extensive operating policies and procedures, our thorough communication systems ensure proper visibility to Coalition Forces and real time tracking (in transit visibility) to multiple control centers such as our Operations Rooms in Baghdad and Kabul, the Logistics Management Control Center-Iraq and the Reconstruction Operations Center-Iraq. Typically, each convoy escort team comprises of a team leader, deputy team leader, vehicle commanders and twelve security operators utilizing four Ford F-350 armored security vehicles. We do tailor the team composition to the needs of the client’s mission.

Trucking & Logistics

Far from a “one-size-fits-all” firm, Vanquish Worldwide is a leader in developing solutions that exactly fit the transportation challenge presented in developing nations:

    • Specialized Flatbed Services: Nonstandard projects require advance preparation, specialized equipment and highly experienced drivers
    • Heavy Haul door-to-door service
    • Logistics project management
    • Refrigerated trucking
    • Fuel storage and secure movement
Services and Capabilities
    • Security Operators and Managers
    • In Transit Visibility
General Capability Statement Transportation Services Brochure
    • Operations Rooms in Baghdad and Kabul
    • Logistics Management Control Center – Iraq and the Reconstruction Operations Center-Iraq
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