Education has always remained close to the heart of Vanquish Worldwide President and CEO Dr. Eric W. Barton, and while Dr. Barton continuously strives to give back to his community, he is especially honored to give back to higher education through local liberal arts institution Maryville College.

Dr. Barton has recently joined the Maryville College Class of 2016 Board of Directors, where Barton and his distinguished colleagues serve for the betterment and continual growth of the college and its students.

“I am so blessed to be able to serve our community with such a prestigious group of men and women,” Dr. Barton said. “Together we can accomplish so much for the betterment of educating the next generation.”

Eric Barton attends a recent Maryville College graduation as part of the board of directors.

Over recent years, Barton has donated to several local schools, community organizations whose sole mission is to benefit children. He has also given to and established several scholarship endowments, including the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, Barton-Gambetta Scholarship at Kaskaskia College near Barton’s hometown of Sandoval, Ill., and the Tiffany Midyett Scholarship, which was established for Vanquish employees and their families in an effort to further drive education in Blount County and across America.

During Dr. Barton’s first year on the board of directors, he was honored to participate in Maryville College’s Baccalaureate and Commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2016 in mid-May. Dr. Barton recently completed his own doctoral degree in business administration with a specialization in leadership from Walden University.

Vanquish, along with three other local businesses, made financial contributions to help make the new Maryville College career center a reality.

“A goal of mine since childhood was to earn the title Dr., the highest form of scholarship. Over the past 7+ years, my family and friends patiently supported my aspirations,” Dr. Barton said.

Vanquish Worldwide and Dr. Barton were also excited to participate in the grand opening celebrations of a new career center on the Maryville College campus.

Vanquish, along with three other local businesses, made financial contributions to help make the new career center a reality. The career center conference room is named after Vanquish’s support and can serve a variety of functions for students as they prep for their careers.

“We hold education as a vital part of the success and well-being of individuals around the world,” Dr. Barton said.