Vanquish Worldwide has seen solid growth in its FedEx Ground Pickup and Delivery Services contract over the last two years by consistently maintaining nearly 100 percent customer service satisfaction ratings, achieving best in the business and numerous safety awards.

Vanquish Worldwide recently received accolades as the FedEx Ground Central Division Best in the Business for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2015. With the award, Vanquish was recognized for all-around performance, including pickup performance, customer service and safety in the Nashville and Central region.

According to a FedEx letter congratulating Vanquish staff, FedEx administration commented that the distinction represents Vanquish Worldwide’s outstanding levels of service, safety and customer satisfaction, elevating the business as among “the very best” serving FedEx Ground.

Vanquish Worldwide Inc., has demonstrated strong business results and high standards for quality, which point to a well-managed operation

“As a Best in Business honoree, Vanquish Worldwide Inc., has demonstrated strong business results and high standards for quality, which point to a well-managed operation,” the letter states. “Its performance exemplifies the type of organization with which FedEx Ground is proud to do business.”

Vanquish also recently received three FedEx awards for no accidents, lowest disputed delivery cases and no ground missed pickups during the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 in the Knoxville market.


Vanquish recently won three FedEx awards for no accidents, lowest disputed delivery cases and no ground missed pickups during the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 in the Knoxville market.

The Maryville-based company regularly averages a nearly 100 percent customer service rating while consistently growing revenue.

Vanquish started in March 2013 with just seven FedEx Pickup and Delivery Services routes in the Nashville market, and is now FedEx Ground’s largest Independent P&D Service Provider in both the Nashville and Knoxville markets, providing reliable package distribution from terminal to business locations. The company expanded its P&D Services in August 2014 by adding eight FedEx Ground P&D routes across the Knoxville Metro area.

“Just two short years in the business, we’ve exponentially grown. We have 53 pickup and delivery trucks in the Knoxville and Nashville markets, 25 line haul trucks in Nashville and 85 fulltime employees,” Jon Helpingstine, FedEx Ground Manager for Vanquish Worldwide, said.

“That’s pretty amazing, along with no accidents and no missed pickups in the first quarter of 2015,” he added. “We have a pretty amazing team out there that works for us for FedEx.”

award pose

Vanquish Worldwide FedEx Ground Manager Jon Helpingstine, Vanquish President and CEO Eric W. Barton and Operations Manager Clifton Moore pose for a photo to celebrate recent accomplishments with the company’s FedEx pickup and delivery contract.

So far this year, Vanquish has delivered 360,381 packages in the Nashville and surrounding area. Drivers average 2,325 miles each day in Nashville to deliver about 18,000 packages each week. The company operates about 34 percent of the pickup and delivery market for the FedEx terminal in Nashville.

Through Mid-July for Knoxville operations, Vanquish staff had delivered 179,970 packages, encompassing 63,097 total delivery stops, 7,718 total pickup stops and 29,962 total packages picked up with a delivery customer service rating averaging 99.38 percent.

Vanquish maintains a customer service rating of 99.84 percent from the Nashville terminal this year. A 100 percent customer service rating has already been achieved seven times this year on an average of 3,300 packages per day.

“We have one of the best metrics for customer service. No ground missed pickups, which is a very important thing,” Vanquish Worldwide President and CEO Eric W. Barton said. “That speaks volumes for what our drivers do.”

Earlier this summer, Vanquish personnel made 503 individual P&D stops in the Knoxville region, delivering 1,630 packages at a 99.9 percent customer service rating. Knoxville routes run through the city and extend eastward to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Nashville operations include Brentwood, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon and surrounding areas.

“It’s not an easy task consistently achieving high customer serving ratings, which we attribute to our drivers. Because of their hard work and dedication, we’re able to deliver excellence to our customers every day we are on the road representing FedEx,” Vanquish Worldwide’s Operations Manager Vanquish Inc., Clifton Moore said.

The keys to maintaining high customer service ratings includes project coordination, management, tracking and safety skills. The FedEx Ground Nashville driving team of 26 drivers celebrated the first quarter of 2015 without a single accident.

Operations in Nashville.

Operations in Nashville.

“Ever since we took our first paid routes in Nashville in March 2013, it was imperative to us that we put together a good safety plan, and I think we have been able to do that,”Helpingstine said. “With the addition of Heidi Wright, corporate safety and compliance manager, who is coordinating our safety meetings each week, we are reminding our drivers that we are looking out for their safety each and every day.”

“It’s a note of excellence to those drivers for no accidents, especially since they’re so fast-paced,” he added.

Through its P&D FedEx contract, Vanquish Worldwide is responsible for transportation and delivery services, asset and driver management, oversight and logistics support necessary to facility package delivery from start to finish. Vanquish has the ability to track trucking assets 24/7 from Vanquish dispatch offices to ensure the integrity and safety of all packages and drivers. Services also comply with performance standards and requirements established by FedEx, as well as the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

For more information on Vanquish Worldwide’s commercial trucking capabilities and services please contact 855-GO-VANQUISH.

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