With the recent acquisition of Nashville-based PAC & CAP Trucking, Maryville, Tenn. based Vanquish Worldwide, is now running nearly 70,000 miles of over the road line haul every week delivering packages out of Nashville, Tenn., to FedEx Ground terminals and hub locations nationwide.

The purchase of PAC & CAP Trucking back in December 2014 included “long haul” routes, trucking assets, equipment and their Nashville office buildings, which will prove to be useful for Vanquish’s line haul and Pickup & Delivery (P&D) FedEx operations since the offices neighbor the Nashville FedEx terminal.

“With the recent acquisition we picked up 12 line haul routes with PAC, which we consolidated into Vanquish and picked up six routes with CAP which will remain its own entity. This has as positioned Vanquish for future revenue growth and a larger presence in Nashville,” Vanquish Worldwide’s Operations Manager Clifton Moore said.PAC&CAP2

To support the expanded line haul operations, Vanquish currently utilizes 25 trucks, 31 fulltime and four part-time drivers as well as three management personnel.

Vanquish management oversees daily long-haul routes and manages drivers, mechanics and other support personnel. In addition, Vanquish provides facility operation and management, 24/7 emergency response equipment management, training and safety oversight, and asset tracking and maintenance for a fleet of single and team sleeper power units.

With the acquisition former PAC and CAP Owners, Pete and Christine Carpenter, joined the Vanquish Team adding years of driving experience and line haul expertise to Vanquish’s FedEx staff. During their years of service, PAC Trucking received several awards of excellence, including FedEx Ground entrepreneur excellence awards for three years and an Award of Excellence for running 8 million miles without an accident.

“We believe our earlier successes can be attributed to our own experiences in the transportation industry,” Pete Carpenter said. “We can personally relate to all our drivers in every way because we’ve been there, done that.”

During the week of July 5, 2015, CAP Trucking ran 13,428 miles while Vanquish Worldwide Inc., including PAC, ran 54,467 miles for a total of 67,895 miles that week.

“By keeping our drivers happy, we truly believe that safety, high productivity and driver retention will follow,” Carpenter said. “It’s a win-win situation.”

“By keeping our drivers happy, we truly believe that safety, high productivity and driver retention will follow,” Carpenter said. “It’s a win-win situation.”


Vanquish’s History as a FedEx Service Provider

VW no backIn March of 2013, shortly after moving to a state of the art 17,000 square-foot headquarters facility in Maryville, Vanquish was approved by FedEx Ground as a Package and Delivery Independent Service & OTR Line Haul Provider.

VW no backIn February 2014, Vanquish purchased Over the Road Line Haul routes and additional P&D routes along with additional trucking assets to expand its FedEx Ground services in Nashville. Through the sleet and snow, Vanquish safely and successfully executed its first line haul route.

VW no backIn August of 2014, Vanquish expanded its P&D Services once again by adding eight FedEx Ground P&D routes across the Knoxville Metro area. August marked an important milestone for Vanquish’s FedEx operations reaching $1 million in P&D revenue since January 2014.

VW no backIn December 2014, Vanquish purchased Nashville-based PAC & CAP Trucking companies, expanding over the road line haul services in Nashville.

2015 FedEx OperationsPAC&CAP3

FedEx Ground Nashville P&D team celebrated the first quarter of 2015 without a single accident. Vanquish Worldwide received three FedEx awards for Knoxville P&D operations. (1) No Accidents, (2) Lowest Disputed Delivery Cases and (3) No Ground Missed Pickups During First Quarter.

VW no backVanquish’s Nashville and Knoxville P&D service regularly averages at or near 100 percent customer service rating.

VW no backVanquish drivers have delivered 360,381 packages so far this year, averaging 18,000 packages per week. Vanquish operates close to 34 percent of the P&D market for the FedEx terminal in Nashville.

VW no backDrivers average 2,325 miles driven each day in Nashville while Knoxville operations run 5,165 miles every week to deliver approximately 18,000 packages each week in both markets.

VW no backTotal revenue per driver each day is at $201.46 as opposed to $175.30 last year, representing a 15 percent increase in profit for Vanquish Worldwide.

VW no backCurrently, Vanquish operates 53 P&D trucks in the Nashville and Knoxville markets, and 25 line haul trucks in Nashville utilizing 85 fulltime employees.

Since March 2013, Vanquish Worldwide has played a vital role to the FedEx mission as being a leader for on-time delivery performance, technological innovation and fleet safety in the ground small-package industry. Consistent with the FedEx reputation, Vanquish provides fast, dependable, cost-effective terminal to business and terminal-to-terminal package delivery services.