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General Commercial Freight Services

Vanquish is a freight carrier of choice for commercial brokers and companies across the U.S. We currently provide local and long distance truckload transport to over 20 commercial clients, as well as the U.S. Department of Defense.

Over the Road FedEx Line Haul

Vanquish Worldwide provides timely and reliable line haul transportation services from Nashville and Memphis package terminals to other FedEx Ground® terminals and hub locations throughout the United States (U.S.). Managing daily “long haul” routes for FedEx Ground®, Vanquish provides; all drivers, mechanics and other support personnel, labor, trucking assets and equipment, tools, fuel, supervision, and other items necessary to meet FedEx Ground® line haul delivery requirements.

Domestic Ground Freight Carrier Services to Support US Army’s Surface Deployment and Distribution Command

Vanquish Worldwide provides surface deployment and distribution transportation services in support of the US Army Command Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC).

Installation Mobilization / Demobilization Contract to Support the US Army in Garrison Hawaii

Vanquish Worldwide supports the US Army in Garrison, Hawaii in the mobilization and demobilization for Army Reservist and Army National Guard, who deploy, and redeploy within the Pacific Region. Vanquish Worldwide’s staff supports not only Schofield Barracks but also Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC), Barbers Point, Wheeler Army Airfield, and Joint Base Hickam/Pearl Harbor.

National Afghan Trucking (NAT) Contract to Support the US Government

Vanquish Worldwide provides a secure, timely and reliable means of distributing reconstruction material, security equipment, fuel, miscellaneous dry cargo, and life support assets throughout the Combined/Joint Operations Area-Afghanistan (CJOA-A) to and from Forward Operating Bases and…

EPA Region 10 Warehouse Equipment Services

Vanquish Worldwide provides equipment management and warehouse services to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 10 in support of emergency and homeland security counter terrorism response efforts. We provide Warehouse Managers, Equipment, and Warehouse Technicians to operate facilities and maintain equipment and vehicles at three EPA warehouse locations; Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, and Anchorage, AK.

Pickup and Delivery (P&D) Services for FedEx Ground

Vanquish Worldwide supports 34% of the Nashville FedEx Ground® terminal by managing daily package pickup and delivery (P&D) routes. We provide timely and reliable transportation and distribution of packages from terminal to business locations throughout the Nashville, Tennessee area including Brentwood, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, and many other areas.

Flight Line Vehicle Maintenance Contract to Support the US Marine Corps

Vanquish Worldwide provides vehicle maintenance and preventative maintenance (PM) services on mission-critical flight line utility vehicles at Marine Corps Air Stations (MCAS) in Beaufort, South Carolina, Cherry Point and New River, North Carolina. The vehicles we service provide a critical lifeline between Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron (MALS) warehouses and squadron personnel dispersed throughout the flight line.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Support at Basrah International Airport for Dyncorp International and Department of State

Vanquish Worldwide provides operation and maintenance (O&M) support at the Basrah International Airport and surrounding facilities. Along with prime contractor DynCorp International LLC (DI), our services directly support aviation operations for the Department of State (DoS) Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) in Iraq.

Removal and Installation of HVAC Units for the Nashville District US Army Corps of Engineers

Vanquish Worldwide provides HVAC unit removal and installation services at the Cumberland River Operations Center (CROC) in Old Hickory, Tennessee for the Nashville District US Army Corps of Engineers. Our licensed and certified HVAC mechanics provide HVAC replacement services by testing, maintaining, repairing and as needed re-installing HVAC systems.

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