Technology plays a vital role in transportation and logistics operations for Vanquish Worldwide, ensuring expertise and excellence is delivered daily to both commercial and governmental customers. The TMW Systems Innovative Software is just one piece of technology that is key to those day to day operations.

TMW Systems is a web-based operation center for Vanquish Worldwide’s transportation management services, streamlining administration and planning transportation processes by consolidating communications between drivers, administrative personnel, load planners, accounting and payroll. Vanquish AS400 System Administrator Laurin Finney said the software, which has been utilized by Vanquish since its formative years, offers many advantages, including the ability to instantaneously and efficiently dispatch drivers to the nearest available loads.

“It’s how we dispatch the trucks, contact customers. We do payroll out of it, all of the financials,” Finney said of the TMW system.

“Overall, the implementation of TMW Innovative Access will ensure that our Commercial and DoD Trucking lines of service continue to operate in the most efficient manner possible, guaranteeing a consistent delivery of excellence to our customers,” she added.

24/7/365 Tracking of Vanquish's U.S. Fleet using Omnitracs

24/7/365 Tracking of Vanquish’s U.S. Fleet using Omnitracs

While the Vanquish trucking fleet is equipped with GPS, TMW offers additional beneficial features for Vanquish fleet, including trip planning, customer service performance, fuel card management, driver scheduling, automated payroll functions and fleet tracking via Omnitracs’ system interface.

“TMW will do anything, literally anything you want it to do,” Finney said of the benefits of customizing the program to Vanquish needs.

Fleet tracking plays a key role in Vanquish’s continued mission of Delivering Excellence. Trucks can be tracked via fleet mapping using Omnitracs, TMW’s main interface or a web-based system that can be accessed from any location and device.

“We can see when they are moving, where they went, how long they did it for, what’s wrong with their truck, how fast they are going, how much fuel they are burning,” Finney said. “Anything we want to know, short of having cameras, we can find out.”

“It allows us to see their locations, delivery times, where they’re going. All of this information is at our fingertips,” Bryan Pack, driver manager with Vanquish’s transportation dispatch center, said.

TMW ensures efficiency by analyzing route profitability and measures safety performance for the drivers, both of which are an important component to the transportation business, Pack said.

“It sends the driver the load information, the route, the miles, phone numbers, addresses, anything he needs,” Pack said. “If you didn’t have something like this you would be spending a lot of time on the phone and cutting into potential contracts and customer satisfaction. If you dispatched all this information via the phone you would have to read off all this information, the addresses and everything. This is like text messaging. You just send a text to the truck. It has all the information.”

Vanquish Worldwide Logistics Team

Vanquish Worldwide Logistics Team

Vanquish recently integrated the TMW Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interface with its government and commercial contracting. EDI is critical communication technology that allows Vanquish’s interface to transmit and receive information instantaneously and electronically. Finney said the EDI system is demanded by many government contracts.

“EDI is basically a pass-through so the government can ping our trucks without having to go directly through us. The computers talk to each other,” Finney said. “The government can type it in their computer, which talks to our computer and our computer talks to the truck computer and it all gets passed back up through.”

She further said that EDI ensures complete customer satisfaction and will potentially secure future contracts for company growth.

In the commercial sector, Vanquish’s U.S. operations has covered approximately 1,108,660 miles YTD while supporting over 100 commercial clients across the U.S. According to Finney, the company expects to break 200,000 miles solely in the month of August.

Vanquish is currently running 30 tractors and 74 trailers and will soon be adding 10 new trucks to its fleet.