Vanquish continues superior service into third year of multimillion-dollar Environmental Protection Agency Region 10 contract

Vanquish continues superior service into third year of multimillion-dollar Environmental Protection Agency Region 10 contract

Vanquish Worldwide is in its third year of performance on a multimillion-dollar federal contract with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Under the five-year contract, Vanquish provides emergency response facility management and technical coordination of emergency and counter terrorism response equipment at three facilities in Portland, Ore., Seattle, Wash., and Anchorage, Alaska.

Our expert team of equipment technicians deliver continual support in order to ensure EPA personnel can immediately respond to any emergency or terrorism event within the Region 10 boundaries. The EPA Region 10 boundary includes Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Storage at one of the emergency response facilities

Storage at one of the emergency response facilities

“As a former U.S. Marine Intelligence Officer, I understand the critical nature and importance of emergency response programs,” Vanquish President and CEO Eric W. Barton said. “Vanquish fully supports the EPA’s rapid response mission which we take very serious. We are excited to be part of the facility and equipment management process and assist the EPA with ongoing efficiencies and asset tracking solutions.”

Vanquish supports the EPA’s 24/7 response capabilities by maintaining equipment and supplies in a continuous state of readiness so personnel can immediately respond to events and mitigate imminent or substantial threats to human health or to the environment.  The EPA’s rapid response contracting network strives to provide emergency capabilities and address threats caused by oil and hazardous substance incidents, plus threats related to terrorist attacks or weapons of mass destruction.

The contract between Vanquish and the EPA was initiated in May 2013. Currently on this contract, Vanquish personnel track and maintain an inventory of over 1,055 pieces of equipment, plus additional supplies with a total value exceeding $3.71 million. Vanquish utilizes the EPA’s Emergency Management Portal that includes an Equipment Tracking Module (ETM), allowing personnel to identify the location and status of all emergency equipment instantaneously. ETM is the centralized equipment management and tracking system used nationwide for effective and efficient equipment maintenance, tracking and reporting. Vanquish’s Emergency Response Facility Manager and staff utilize the system daily for records and provide deliverables that include weekly equipment readiness status reports,  semi-annual equipment utilization reports, quarterly Time Sensitive Material reports and an Annual Property Report.  The ETM is also used to log equipment maintenance and calibration. To ensure accuracy, physical inventories are conducted periodically to confirm information in the ETM database.

“Every piece of equipment leaving the warehouse is tagged and tracked in the EPA’s Emergency Management Portal so we can maintain 100 percent property accountability of stored and in use equipment at all times,” Vanquish EPA Emergency Response Facility Manager Erik Berg said. “Information gathered through inventory (model, serial number, size, container number, bar code and/or tag number) is kept in the ETM database.”

Specific services associated with the contract include: 24/7 emergency response equipment management, inventory control, asset tracking and equipment maintenance. In addition, Vanquish personnel manage property records and provide equipment readiness status reports, equipment calibration and utilization reports for all stored vehicles and equipment. In addition to equipment management, Vanquish dispatches and trains vehicle operators as needed on various emergency response vehicles.

One of many EPA response vehicles

One of many EPA response vehicles

“This multiyear EPA contract provides us with an exceptional opportunity to expand our U.S. government domestic operations to the Pacific Northwest,” Barton said upon contract award in 2013.

Vanquish Worldwide, a service disabled veteran owned small business, has significant experience executing complex, multifaceted contracts specializing in facility support, transportation, logistics, security services, staffing, and project management. Currently Vanquish supports government agencies across the continental U.S., Hawaii and Alaska, as well as the Middle East.

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