Vanquish Worldwide designated as one of GoGreenET’s 2015 Green achievers

GoGreenETThe GoGreenET Green Business Recognition Program recently designated Vanquish Worldwide as one of the Knoxville-area companies designated as a Green achiever!

GoGreenET’s Green Business Recognition Program seeks to highlight businesses and organizations that have made their operations more environmentally friendly.  These are companies that have made significant progress in recycling/waste reduction, energy efficiency, renewable energy and/or green community outreach.

As a growing company in the commercial trucking industry, it is essential for us to analyze areas of energy and fuel efficiency, for both operational excellence and to do our part in the community and for the environment. At Vanquish Worldwide, we have made great strides over the last year in energy efficiency, recycling/waste reduction, and community outreach.

From our trucks on the road to the day to day operations of our growing Maryville facility, we have developed internal processes and green transportation initiatives which have turned into substantial improvements toward making our operations and business culture more environmentally friendly.

Fuel efficiency initiatives
To reduce NOx emissions and reduce the gallons of diesel fuel used, Vanquish Worldwide is doing its part in controlling excessive fuel consumption and pollutants. Listed below are a few examples of our green transportation initiatives:

• Installation of Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) to Reduce Truck Idle Time. This offers drivers amenities like air conditioning during driving breaks while eliminating the need to idle the engine. This helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and saves on average 8 percent in fuel costs each year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

• Use of Aerodynamic Trucks from actual truck design to the use of trailer skirts. Our trailer skirts affixed to the underside of the semi-trailer for the purpose of reducing aerodynamic drag caused by air turbulence and providing fuel savings between 4 and 5 percent compared with unmodified trailers.

• Implementation of the Newest Diesel Engine Technology. Emissions are reduced by 99% for nitrogen oxides – an ozone precursor – and 98% for particulate emissions with an average of 5% improvement in fuel efficiency.

cci• Implementation of Computerized Truck Idling Program. Our entire fleet of trucks are “Certified Clean Idle” which means they are at the leading edge of clean diesel technology. Clean Idle regulations state that diesel engines must incorporate a system that automatically shuts down the engine after five minutes of continuous idling or certifies engines to a nitrogen oxide idling emission standard of 30 grams per hour.

• Use of Pre-Pass for Scales/Weigh Stations which reduces idle time.

• Reduction of Maximum RPM’s to Minimize Gallons of Fuel Burned at Idle.

• Use of Low Rolling Resistance Tires. These are used to minimize wasted energy as a tire rolls and therefore improving fuel efficiency 1.5-4.5% of all gasoline consumption.

• Use of lighter Weight Truck/Trailer Materials (Aluminum, Fiberglass).

• Use of Low Viscosity Drivetrain Lubricants.

• Speed Management. Vanquish trucks utilize a maximum 65 MPH (68 MPH on cruise control) engine governor.

• Utilization of a Computer Program to Route Trucks in the Most Efficient Way Possible.

Company-wide recycling/waste reduction programs
recycleWhat might appear small on the surface can actually add up to quite a savings to the environment. With our local employee growth from 10 to over 55 employees in just two years, the quantities of paper, plastic and aluminum being used on a daily basis has also increased.

Vanquish Worldwide has implemented recycling programs for the following:

• Paper through Shred-It. After the paper has been securely shredded, the confetti-sized pieces are bundled and recycled into paper products.

• Plastic. Recycling a single plastic bottle conserves enough energy to run a 60 watt light bulb for 6 hours.

• Aluminum. Recycling a single aluminum can saved the equivalent of 6 ounces of gasoline.

In addition, Vanquish’s preventative and corrective maintenance providers (Idealease), recycle oil and used truck tires. Recycled oil is used for lubricating oils and used by companies to burn for energy with minimum pollution. The use of recycled tires can be found in flower beds as mulch, in tennis shoe soles, basketball courts and playground sets. Tires can also be recycled into other tires although most used tires are burnt for their fuel value.

Company-wide energy efficiency program
At all of Vanquish Worldwide’s facilities, electrical usage for lighting is controlled by timers during off hours. Our lighting is also controlled with occupancy sensors which automatically turns the lights ON when motion is detected and automatically turns the lights OFF when motion is no longer detected. By utilizing occupancy sensors, the company can receive up to 50 percent potential savings while in turn saving energy and reducing the consumption of oil. Occupancy sensors also extend the life of bulbs thus reducing waste.

Community Outreach programs

Vanquish believes in preserving our natural resources in East Tennessee as well as other states throughout North America through agencies such as the North American Land Trust, North American Land Trust Stewardship Fund, and Foothills Land Conservancy.

naltThe North American Land Trust (NALT) was established with the primary purpose of preserving and managing open space with ecological, agricultural or historical significance. The NALT focuses on the long-term stewardship and the needs of major landowners, developers and works closely with government agencies to address financial benefits while conserving natural resources. Since 1992, they have placed more than 80,000 acres under easement in 384 projects. In 2012 alone, the Trust preserved a total of 5,009 acres in 19 projects in states such as Tennessee, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Virginia and many others.

The mission of the North American Land Trust is to promote long-term stewardship of our natural resources and cultural heritage by implementing successful private land conservation projects and promoting innovative land conservation techniques. Vanquish Worldwide believes in their mission and has supported the NALT through monetary and land donations totaling approximately $3 million. We are leaving a legacy in East Tennessee by supporting NALT in their efforts to protect irreplaceable open space through preservation.

The North American Land Trust Stewardship Fund is setup to ensure effective care and successful preservation of land with a focus on conservation education, recreation, agriculture, and timber harvest, restoration of habitat and species diversity protection. Vanquish supports this mission especially that centered on education, and has supported the NALT Stewardship Fund through monetary donations totaling $20,000.

foothillsThe Foothills Land Conservancy, a private non-profit organization operating as a land trust, is dedicated to the preservation of the rich wildlife habitats, and the agriculture, scenic, and cultural resources of the foothills to the Great Smoky Mountains. Stretching through the band of counties that extends from the Cumberland Plateau to the Appalachian Mountains – this diverse landscape of East Tennessee has been enjoyed by generations of families. From working farms to woodlands, watersheds to community parks, the Conservancy has assisted in the preservation of 30,000 acres in 18 Tennessee counties.

The ultimate goal of the Foothills Land Conservancy is to lead the way to an East Tennessee that is a healthy place for both people and wildlife. Vanquish Worldwide and its sister company, LexLin Gypsy Ranch, believe wholeheartedly in this preservation and has supported the Land Conservancy through monetary and land donations totaling over $3.1 million. Vanquish and LexLin Ranch owners as well as employees enjoy East Tennessee and all it has to offer and we are excited to be supporting The Foothills Land Conservancy to preserve its beauty and heritage.

By taking care of our environment with both internal and external initiatives, Vanquish is helping to preserve and protect the area in which we work and live. Whether it’s through emissions control, lighting efficiencies or preserving the land around us, we are doing our part to make significant progress in making our operations more environmentally friendly.Lorax

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