Though Vanquish Worldwide continually shows support to military personnel both active and retired, we also want to show support and honor to local law enforcement, firefighter and EMT personnel, who also put their lives on the line every day for our nation’s safety.

Vanquish Worldwide is hosting an appreciation event for police and safety personnel, and has invited the community to attend the free gathering in support of those safety personnel. The event will take place 3-6 p.m. Friday, June 19 at our Corporate Headquarters, 235 S. Old Glory Road in Maryville.

After seeing all the negative press against law enforcement around the country in recent months, Vanquish Worldwide President and CEO Eric W. Barton said the event came to fruition as a way to show appreciation to police officers. The Maryville-based company expanded the event from just law enforcement to all first responders including fire and EMT personnel across East Tennessee.

“I wanted to highlight the good work that they do and the sacrifice that they make for our safety,” Barton said. “They all deserve great respect and appreciation. I am thankful for all of their daily sacrifices.”

Front Range Vice President of Operations Ken Mickiewicz, who worked nearly 40 years in law enforcement, said he believes the event will not only prove a good time for the whole family but also show respect for these hard-working individuals. Front Range is a subsidary company to Vanquish Worldwide.

“The men and women on the thin blue line are genuine heroes. Every day they put their lives on the line to serve and protect the community, some who are family or friends but most of the time it’s people they don’t even know – yet they’re still willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice,” Mickiewicz said.

Speaking at the event in addition to Eric Barton and Ken Mickiewicz will be honored guests Congressman Jimmy Duncan and Maryville Police & Fire Chief Tony Crisp.

In honor of our upcoming event, we would like to take a moment to recognize some family members of our employees who are law enforcement, firefighter and EMT personnel.


Jennifer Siracusa

Jennifer Siracusa

VW no back Jennifer Siracusa – daughter of Jenny Poole, Human Resources Assistant with Vanquish Worldwide 

As a supervisor with Seminole County Public Safety Communications Center, Jennifer dispatches for all Fire/EMS departments in Seminole County, Fla.

In her 10 years of service with Seminole County Public Safety Communications Center, she has been promoted from a 911 operator to supervisor. Jennifer has been recognized for assisting a father delivering a baby on the side of the road to also providing CPR instruction. She was recently honored with a special coin by the Army Reserve Civility Unit.

Her mother, Jenny Poole, said Jennifer chose the career because she wanted to make a difference in her community.

“Our family is very proud of Jennifer and her passion for her work,” Poole said.




Glenn Siracusa

Glenn Siracusa

VW no back Glenn Siracusa – son-in-law of Jenny Poole, Human Resources Assistant with Vanquish Worldwide

Glenn has been a firefighter/paramedic with Seminole County Fire Rescue at Station 42 in Geneva, Fla., for 20 years.

With a passion for providing fire and medical aid to citizens, Glenn responds to fire and medical calls in his assigned areas. Poole said Glenn has always wanted to pursue a career as a fireman. As a child in New Jersey, Glenn would watch the crew at the local fire station quickly respond to calls for service in the community.

Glenn and other crew members at Station 42 were recently recognized on national news for saving a dog from a sink hle.

“Our family is also very proud of Glenn and how dedicated he is to the people in need,” Poole said.





Shane Tilley

Shane Tilley

VW no back Shane Tilley – husband of Vanquish Worldwide’s Chief Financial Officer Anna Tilley

Officer Shane Tilley has been in law enforcement since 2008. During his time, he has worked as a volunteer reserve, corrections, school resource and patrol officer. He graduated top of his police academy class at Cleveland State Community College Law Enforcement Training Academy, receiving the Academic Excellence Award.

Shane also attended ITT Technical Institute, where he graduated as valedictorian with an associate’s degree in criminal justice. He went on to receive his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Bethel University in May 2014. Officer Tilley currently works as a patrol officer for Oak Ridge Police Department. He previously worked as an officer for Lenoir City Police Department from 2010-2014.




Coby Woodrum

Coby Woodrum

VW no back Coby Woodrum – cousin of Michele Tulloss, Human Resources Manager with Vanquish Worldwide

During his time with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office since 1996, Coby has worked in various departments, including corrections, warrants, mounted patrol and the school division. Coby now serves as a detective with the sheriff’s office. He has also been on the KSCO Honor Guard for 15 years.

A career in law enforcement is the perfect fit for Coby, who has always enjoyed helping people and making a difference in the community. He worked security jobs while he was in college. Once he got out, he knew for sure that he wanted to be a police officer, his cousin, Michele Tulloss, said. Coby earned his sergeant stripes in December 2012 and was promoted to detective.

“I feel honored to have a family member in law enforcement,” Tulloss said. “I don’t feel as though they get enough credit for what they risk and actually do on a day to day basis.”